Success Stories

Time flies by with Jill, she makes working out easy! If I can do it, anyone can! Her expertise in addressing medical issues made it possible for the results that you see. The picture speaks for itself. Before Jill, I was parking in handicapped and taking a handfuls of medications. Now, I can run and I'm free from my prescriptions!!! I'd recommend her to anyone. Thank you Jill, I am honored that you are my partner in wellness. - Dana, 50

I wanted to lose weight for my wedding and I found Jill, who was the perfect person for the task! She not only kept me motivated but also accountable. I learned a lot about cooking healthy and making confident choices with my diet. She developed a fitness program with me and included the most effective exercises to get me to my weight loss goal. I lost 25 lbs and a ton of inches! I looked and felt fabulous in my wedding dress. Thanks to her positive guidance, I now have great memories and pictures of my very special day. - Timmera, 29

Jill has guided me through multiple physical goals and challenges! She always kept me on target to accomplish my goals (weight loss, 2 half marathons, various 5k's and 10k's, and even learning Olympic weightlifting lifts and breaking new PR's along the way). She has supported me to be stronger everyday and I truly enjoy working with her!!! - Debbie,40

I've tried losing weight before--I've been notorious for yo-yoing back and forth. I was doing okay for awhile, but then graduate school hit. Working full time and going to school full time caused me to subsequently eat my stress.  I tried numerous weight loss programs and nothing seemed to stick. Finally in June 2013. I started to become serious about my weight loss/fitness journey and sought help from a personal trainer—Jill—to help guide me on my journey. Since then I have successfully dropped 21 lbs, lost a multitude of inches and have knocked my body fat percentage from the around 35% to around 26%. That’s almost 10% of my jiggly fat converting itself into lean muscle! Also, I had recently opted into a biometric screening at my work and my numbers (such as my glucose levels, triglycerides, and cholesterol) were literally off the chart! I feel like superwoman sometimes, as I feel confident and strong enough to try everything I was once afraid too… such as dance classes, rock climbing, and even aerial fitness! I owe a lot to Jill for keeping me motivated and on the path towards better health.  - Marissa, 24